PUBG is getting its own Nendoroid

Who asked for this?

Photo via Good Smile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the latest game to be getting its own Nendoroid figure, The Good Smile Company announced today.

The figure has been dubbed “The Lone Survivor” and is based off the character on the game’s box art. The character is wearing the game’s level three helmet and a shirt and tie, but is oddly missing the game’s iconic frying pan weapon.

Granted, the figure is still in the planning stage and a frying pan, as well as other PUBG-themed items, could come with the figure when it launches.

Currently, the Nendoroid has no price tag, but it is expected to sell for around $50, the price of other similar Nendoroids. It will also likely be sold solely on The Good Smile website.

Nendoroids are massive collectors items, with the figures usually only being sold as a pre-order. Once pre-orders close, no more figures are made, which makes some Nendoroids highly sought after collectable items.

With the news of a PUBG Nendoroid, it likely won’t be long until Fortnite gets its own Nendoroid figure. Then again, Epic Games is already making its own line of figures for consumers to buy this holiday season.