31 December 2017 - 16:56

PUBG beginner's guide: Tips on how to best defeat RNG and earn yourself a Chicken Dinner

Land, loot, kill, eat.
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is all about fighting everyone around you and becoming the last man standing to get the "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner."

A standard game of PUBG begins pretty simply. You drop from an airplane and begin looting weapons and gear. There may be players around you who will be doing the same, and they will be trying to kill you, as you have to try to kill them. After all, PUBG is battle royale, and the last man standing is the winner.

As the game progresses, the safe zone on the map will get smaller as a blue wall of death closes in. If you are outside of the safe zone, you will take damage until you die. With each successive circle, they will continue to get smaller until players are forced into a fight in one small area.

PUBG can be pretty random at times, as are the loot spawns and where the circle spawns.

Standardize your loot

There are a few things you will need in every single match of PUBG, no matter the case. You're going to want to find a backpack, a helmet, body armor, and healing items.

Armor means nothing if you can't defend yourself, though, so weapons are obviously also key. An assault rifle will be your best friend.

Get to know the map

One of your biggest obstacles in PUBG is learning the lay of the land. Erangel and Miramar are very different, but they will become extremely familiar to you the more that you play.

There will be many, many games where you land and die and don't really know why or what happened. Use these games to learn from your experience and figure out hot spots on the map, where the better loot spawns, and where you like to land for a variety of reasons.

Fight or loot

The first decision you will need to make in any PUBG match is whether you want to fight right away or if you want to gear up before taking anyone on.

Landing in highly populated areas, like large cities and military bases, will usually see you surrounded by other players. If you want a better chance at surviving early on, find smaller towns or cabins throughout the maps to slowly gear yourself and then move into the circle as the game moves on.

Familiarize yourself with weapons

PUBG has a lot of different weapons, and while some are certainly better than others, it will mostly come down to preference. In the early game, a submachine gun will help you out in smaller cities, but you'll want a sniper rifle and assault rifle for later engagements.

Experiment with different weapons and figure out what you like the most.


If you find yourself on the other end of the map from the safe zone, a vehicle might be your only hope of survival. But be careful, you will draw attention to yourself simply by making noise, and enemies will be free to take potshots at you while you're defenseless.

Play the circles

A solid strategy is to slowly play the outside rim of the circle as it closes. If you do this, you can avoid engagements from long range, but also gate-keep and pick off foes who are trying to get into the safe zone. This is a good way to grab their loot and gear yourself up for the fights as time moves on.

Patience is key

You'll often find yourself with an itchy trigger finger, but the fight might not be worth it. Measure your surroundings, check your gear, and see if you're ready for a fight before you go weapons hot and alert the immediate area of your presence. Pulling the trigger too soon could end up in your death.

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