DreamHack Austin will be holding a $100,000 PUBG tournament

The competitive PUBG scene's next big tournament has been revealed.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

The next big-money tournament for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be at DreamHack Austin in the $100,000 PUBG Showdown Live, DreamHack announced today.

The main event for the tournament will feature Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) setups with teams having a chance onsite to earn their way into the main competition, but there will also be online qualifiers.

More information about online qualification, BYOC qualification, schedules, and more will be released “in the coming weeks” by DreamHack, so there’s not a ton of details to go on at this point. Regardless, PUBG players have another event to look forward to in a couple months.

This weekend will also see a $100,000 tournament with the PGL PUBG Spring Invitational in Bucharest, Romania. Last month’s PUBG event at IEM Katowice saw Avangar come out on top.

Previously, DreamHack Winter 2017 featured events for both PUBG and H1Z1, so it appears that battle royale titles will continue to have a place at DreamHack events.

DreamHack Austin takes place June 1 to 3 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.