PUBG developers explain plans for consoles throughout 2020

Console players can expect a lot throughout the rest of the year.

Image via PUBG Corp.

The PUBG developers released a 2020 Console Dev Focus blog post today, explaining their plans for the rest of 2020. This includes various performance improvements, solutions to prevent cheating, and other changes to help balance the game. The developers also promised a more open line of communication that will keep players in the loop on live issues and general changes.

It’s no secret that PUBG players on console experience numerous performance issues. Buildings used to take a couple of minutes to fully render after landing and low FPS was a normal part of the game. The PUBG developers said that they’ve addressed these issues throughout 2019 and aren’t shifting their efforts to other performance issues impacting players.

PUBG has received constant updates that increase the overall size of the game, which makes it harder for consoles to process and is causing crashes for some players. The developers are focusing on optimizing the game to use less memory, which could help control the issue and still allow more content to be released.

Another problem that console players experience is hitching. Certain skins and achievements have been found to cause this issue and the developers said that the recent 7.1 update fixed these specific problems. Engineers will also continue to work on optimizing the game to reduce hitching overall.

The PUBG developers are working on finding a middle ground between high frame rates and graphic quality, too. They’ll be tuning Dynamic Resolution in PUBG to provide better graphics and higher frame rates and will also work on increasing the frame cap. The developers claim this is a tough thing to do but they’ll provide updates on their progress.

Another major focus of 2020 is bridging the gap between content on consoles and PC. Consoles normally receive content available on PC two weeks later, but there are still a few things they’re missing.

The PUBG developers will start with making custom matches a more “robust” experience by adding more modes and options. Players will have the ability to control settings, such as spawn rate and damage, and will also be able to experience the new Esports Mode introduced in March. The issue with custom options is that it could potentially affect performance and stability, so the developers are looking into how these changes may impact the game.

Console players can look forward to PUBG LABS being added at some point this year, which will allow them to test out new features and content. There are also plans for an Observer Mode that will help smaller tournaments cast and follow players. But the developers are still working on a way to load all resources at high speed in front of the moving camera.

Console players can also expect weapon and vehicle balancing. Vehicle collision damage is planned to be reduced and developers are also considering tuning the hit points and speeds of vehicles because they’re much more difficult to hit on console than PC.

The recoil on the M249 was also increased by 50 percent in the 7.1 update. Many players claim the weapon is overpowered and the developers are exploring various options on how to fix the weapon without making it useless.

The PUBG developers also explained their plans for countering cheaters on console. They’re planning for a Q2 release for their new packet encryption solution that will help eliminate radar hacks. DDoS attacks have been an issue in PUBG for months, but the developers claim to have reduced the impact of the attacks and will continue to work on this issue.

The developers finished their 2020 console dev focus with a promise of better communication throughout the rest of the year and an “open dev” policy. This will include general updates as well as transparent updates on live issues.

PUBG has had several problems since it’s launch on console two years ago. These changes should make the console experience better and extend the life of the once-dominant battle royale title.