PUBG blames server issues on DDoS attacks, says it’s working on new ways to fight cheaters

Cyber attacks have severely impacted game peformance.

Image via PUBG Corp.

PUBG players have had a tough time since the release of season six. Several new bugs and overall performance issues have made the game difficult to play and players are upset with the lack of communication from PUBG Corp.

But today, the developer finally addressed the issues in a letter on PUBG’s Steam page, which explains that not all of the problems are caused by internal sources.

The letter begins with an apology to the community for having to deal with the bugs for so long.

“We know the last few months have had some ongoing issues impacting gameplay and wanted to take a moment to address everything.” PUBG Corp. said. “We know the below issues have been extremely frustrating to deal with and we’re sorry they’ve persisted for so long.”

The letter discusses several issues in PUBG and first addresses the large problem with cheaters. PUBG Corp. confirmed that it’s working on new solutions to combat cheaters and that more information will be released in an upcoming Community Letter and 2020 Roadmap that will be released in March.

Another issue is poor performance across all platforms and game crashes. PUBG Corp. confirmed the increase in FPS drops, stuttering, and crashing since the January update. These issues are taking longer to fix because they’re often caused by specific hardware or situations that are difficult to reproduce. PUBG Corp. said this is a top priority and that the developers are working diligently to fix the problem. PUBG Corp. also said that not all problems are directly related to the game, however.

PUBG Corp. explained that the servers have received constant DDoS attacks that almost always impact players who are on those servers. The attacks reached an all-time high last November and increased again this month. In response, PUBG Corp. has been increasing “DDoS defense solutions” and working on its own defenses to protect the game servers.

The developers also explained why they haven’t been more public about these attacks.

“We know that we could have been much more open in communicating these reasons with you but did not want to contaminate tests results by letting the attackers know we were doing this testing,” PUBG Corp. said.

The new solutions are working, according to PUBG Corp. The impact of DDoS attacks has been reduced by 85 percent.

The letter also addressed issues with the new Team Deathmatch mode, such as long matchmaking times or teams with more than eight players. A hotfix has been released to address some of these issues, but the matchmaking time bug is still present and the developers are working on a solution. The issue with custom match presets not working properly is also being worked on. Other small problems, such as a glitch on Karakin, have been addressed.

The open letter is a good way for PUBG Corp. to keep players informed and help them not feel left in the dark. If the remaining issues are quickly resolved, fans can get back to enjoying the battle royale.