Bluehole is working on a fix for PUBG’s bulletproof water and a bunch of other issues

A number of fixes and changes are on the way.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players abusing the game’s seemingly bulletproof water to avoid death, you are in luck.

Bluehole’s esports program manager “am1rtv” recently took to Reddit to respond to community concerns that Bluehole has become complacent since they have changed up their strategy and ceased weekly updates.

Among a number of issues that they said Bluehole was working on was bullet penetration for things like water, wood, and different textures. This will come as happy news for most PUBG players, as bulletproof water has become a commonly seen tactic in end-game activities where players will hide in water to remain safe from gunfire.

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The list of fixes is way longer than that, but it includes things like improved bullet travel and drop, ballistic updates for weapons, and an overhaul of the grenade system. Bluehole will be “reworking the entire system to enable more responsiveness” and give a “more accurate draw of where the grenade will land.”

Am1rtv also said that Bluehole will be removing the “crouch jump” bug, which enables players to crouch and jump at the same time to move through windows that they shouldn’t be able to. This change will soon be complemented with the long-awaited vaulting and climbing system.

While PUBG’s new update schedule has some players worried, this new update should put some concerns to rest that Bluehole is still hard at work behind the scenes on 2017’s biggest game to date.