Krafton CEO confirms 2 new PUBG games launching by 2022

Two new games are coming that will be based in the PUBG universe.

Image via PUBG

Some previous leaks about Krafton releasing new PUBG games in the near future might have a little more weight behind them now after an interview with company CEO Kim Chang-han said they wouldn’t “stay as a one-hit wonder.”

Bloomberg technology reporter Sohee Kim interviewed Chang-han yesterday and a portion of their conversation focused on the potential behind the PUBG IP moving forward. 

 “I think the more important thing is how the company can utilize the intellectual property of PUBG and how it can make that into an even bigger franchise,” Chang-han told Bloomberg. 

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Previously, PUBG data miner PlayerIGN posted screengrabs of an alleged press release from Krafton that pointed to a sequel to both PUBG and PUBG Mobile potentially being worked on since early last year. Initially, the sequels were hidden under the title name ProkectXRTM, which the studios claimed weren’t related to PUBG to keep things hidden until an actual announcement was ready. 

After the interview, though, we now have confirmation that a battle royale title based on PUBG will launch on mobile by the end of the year, which fits what was leaked for a potential PUBG Mobile 2.0. Another PUBG-related PC/console game will also launch sometime before the end of 2022. 

Both of these projects are being worked on alongside The Callisto Protocol, a survival-horror game in the PUBG universe that’s set 300 years in the future and will release sometime in 2022. 

Chang-han also confirmed that there’s an animated show being worked on for streaming services and a web cartoon in development using PUBG as a base. The company hopes to expand into making movies and dramas in the future and is open to acquiring teams in those areas.