FACEIT partners with PUBG Corp to create online competitive leagues

Weekly tournaments, leagues and ladders, and partner hubs are all coming soon.

Image via PUBG Corp

FACEIT has formed a new partnership with PUBG Corp to launch a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds online competitive league on FACEIT’s platform.

PUBG’s inclusion in FACEIT’s platform will provide players, partners, and organizers the chance to create competitions, tournaments, and leagues that feature customizable server settings, and instant lobby creation.

“We are very excited about our partnership with FACEIT, and the value it will bring to our community,” Hyowon Yoo, head of business development and operations for NA & EU at PUBG Corp, said in the press release. “Having proved our potential as an esport, we now want to focus on building the grassroots that will foster our evolving competitive scene and FACEIT provides the ultimate environment for us to do that.”

PUBG Corp has a five-year plan for PUBG esports, which includes regional pro leagues and revenue sharing for four major regions.

Starting in 2019, PUBG Corp plans to bring professional leagues to NA, EU, Korea, and Asia. The company is also looking at potentially expanding to other continents and countries in the future, depending on the success of the league.

The PUBG side of the FACEIT site will launch on Aug. 17 as a closed beta. Fans and players can sign up for a chance to use the new system on FACEIT’s website.