PUBG is getting regional esports pro leagues and revenue sharing

It's all part of a five-year plan.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PUBG Corp has revealed a five year plan for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds esports at a press conference today in Berlin.

The plans include regional pro leagues and revenue sharing, according to a report by The Esports Observer. The presser took place today ahead of the game’s biggest esports event yet, the PUBG Global Invitational.

Starting in 2019, PUBG Corp plans to begin professional leagues in North America, Europe, Korea, and China, with potential for expansion into other regions starting in 2020. Each pro league season will culminate in a world championship each year, bringing together the best teams from all regions.

Specific details about the leagues were scant, but one of the features included is revenue sharing from branded in-game items. To test it out, the first revenue sharing initiative will take place this weekend at PGI 2018, with fans able to purchase in-game cosmetics themed after the 20 teams attending the event. Those teams will earn an undisclosed share of the revenue from the sales of the items.

Don’t expect franchised teams like the Overwatch League for PUBG’s leagues, though. The presser revealed that PUBG Corp wants more of a traditional format for the league, including the chance for smaller teams to make an impact. There will also be a relegation system.

More information about the future of PUBG esports is expected in Q4 of 2018, but the base has been set for what PUBG Corp wants to do over the next few years. All that’s left is executing the plan that has been set forth.