World Cap Pikachu to make Pokémon Go debut during October Spotlight Hours, Shedinja sneaks into Research Breakthrough

October is adding a new face and some spooky specters.

Image via Niantic

The seasons are changing and its time for some extra spooks and celebration in Pokémon Go. A new set of Spotlight Hours and fresh Research Breakthrough tasks are being added to the mobile game for October. 

Starting Oct. 1, the Shed Pokémon Shedinja will be taking the place of Alolan Raichu as the Research Breakthrough encounter of the month. This means that players can complete new research tasks and capture the frail Bug/Ghost-type. 

To encounter the peculiar spectre, players will need to complete seven days of research tasks each week to earn a daily Research Stamp. A seven-day streak will guarantee you an encounter with the living husk—and it might even be shiny. 

This month’s Spotlight Hours will run at the usual 6pm local time every Tuesday. World Cap Pikachu is also being added into the game for the first time, along with the return of Original Cap Pikachu and two ghosts to celebrate the spooky season. 

Here are all of those Spotlight Hour dates. 

  • Oct. 6: World Cap Pikachu and double capture XP
  • Oct. 13: Original Cap Pikachu and double capture Candy
  • Oct. 29: Shuppet and double transfer Candy
  • Oct. 27: Duskull and double evolution XP

There hasn’t been a Go Battle Night announced for October, but some special Limited Research will be available on Oct. 10. Multiple events, including a crossover with French leather goods company Longchamp Paris, will also be taking place throughout the month.