Were Giovanni’s team and rewards updated in Pokémon Go’s Season of Light?

Players may be looking to add another Shadow Legendary Pokémon to their teams.

Image via Niantic

The Season of Light marks Pokémon Go’s expansion into the tales of the many Ultra Beasts that first appeared in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. These mysterious creatures hail from Ultra Space, accessed via Ultra Wormholes, and look nothing like what players have encountered previously.

With the start of any new season in the mobile title, various aspects of the game are changed to diversify the experience for players around the world. This includes massive alterations to the general spawn pool, new Pokémon appearing in Raids and Research Breakthroughs, and various new events being held that reward players with special Pokémon and items.

One aspect of the game that changes during each season, but not at the season start, is Team Go Rocket. The grunts and leaders are often given new Shadow Pokémon that players can attempt to rescue, with the latter having Shadow Pokémon that can even be Shiny. These rotations normally occur during Team Go Rocket events that are announced later in the season.

Does Giovanni have a new team and rewards in Pokémon Go’s Season of Light?

The head of Team Go Rocket, Giovanni, is one of the most difficult challenges that players have to overcome. Yet if they can successfully do so, they are rewarded with an elusive Shadow Legendary Pokémon, one which, like the Shadow Pokémon of the grunts and leaders, rotates throughout the year. But Giovanni’s team rotates at a much slower rate than that of the other members of Team Go Rocket, normally only during Team Go Rocket events.

Therefore, Giovanni’s team remains unchanged from its most recent update despite the start of the Season of Light. He still has control of a Shadow Latios that players can encounter if they are able to get their hands on a Super Rocket Radar. One can be obtained by completing the most recent Team Go Rocket-themed Special Research, titled “Field Notes: Team Go Rocket.”

No event centered around the nefarious plots of Team Go Rocket has been revealed yet for Pokémon Go’s Season of Light. It is likely that one of these events will take place later in the season, where all of Team Go Rocket will receive team changes and players will be able to remove the move Frustration from their Shadow Pokémon.