This Pokémon one-shots Inteleon in Scarlet and Violet’s Unrivaled Tera Raid

Inteleon never stood a chance.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s next Unrivaled Tera Raid event is here. This time, all eyes are on the Gen VIII Water-type starter, Inteleon.

For this Tera Raid, Inteleon will have the Ice Tera Type, meaning players will want to gravitate toward Fighting and Steel-type attacks to do super-effective damage. With Inteleon’s frail defenses, this seven-star Raid doesn’t seem too difficult at first glance. The Galar starter, however, will immediately boost its Defense by setting up the snow.

Snow boosts the Defense of Ice-type Pokémon by 50 percent, making it that much harder to dish out damage against this Inteleon. Despite the defensive buff, there’s still one Pokémon that can crush the Unrivaled Inteleon and knock it out in a single turn—Tinkaton.

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Reddit user mismatched7 shared a clip last night of their Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raid with Tinkaton and three Perrserkers. On the first turn, one Perrserker used Sunny Day to change the weather and eliminate Inteleon’s Defense boost from the snow. The other two Perrserker used Swagger on Tinkaton to get it to +4 Attack. Swagger normally confuses the target, but Tinkaton’s Own Tempo Ability conveniently protected it from confusion. From there, Tinkaton was free to use its signature Gigaton Hammer to defeat Inteleon in one hit.

For those curious to know how Tinkaton was able to pull off the OHKO, the player explained how certain Held Items and Abilities helped it out. Gigaton Hammer was boosted not only by Tinkaton’s Choice Band but also by the three Perrserker’s Steely Spirit Ability. Steely Spirit boosts allies’ Steel-type moves by 50 percent, and the buff will stack if there are multiple ally Perrserker with that Ability.

One way this strategy can go wrong is if Swagger happens to miss Tinkaton. To increase the chances of landing Swagger, the players had their Perrserkers hold the Wide Lens to boost accuracy. More often than not, both Swaggers should hit.

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With three Steely Spirit boosts, a Choice Band, two Swaggers, and a 160 base-power move, it’s no wonder Tinkaton was able to crush Inteleon all in one go.

Although this strategy won’t work if you’re planning on soloing the Tera Raid, this is a very quick and simple way to clear it with friends. Just make sure everyone is on the same page so you can get the satisfying OHKO onto Inteleon. You and your friends will be able to catch the exclusive Unrivaled Pokémon while farming tons of great rewards with ease.


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