Easiest way to beat Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

No gimmick, no problem.

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Even though seven-star Tera Raids are designed to challenge players of all levels in Scarlet and Violet, the Pokémon community always finds easy ways to clear even the most difficult of battles. This holds true for the Unrivaled Inteleon event, which is a little odd with how it is structured.

Instead of a central gimmick that Pokémon players need to counter, Inteleon has three attacks to hit hard and three moves to mess around with the stats of Pokémon in the raid—whether that be itself or your team’s.

You still need to approach the raid with caution because Inteleon has good Special Attack and is level 100, but this event is less dynamic than previous seven-star Tera Raids. That means coming in prepared with a proper counter can lead to some clean wins. Just make sure you get the job done before the raid event ends on May 7.

Easiest way to beat Unrivaled Inteleon Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There are two main things you need to focus on when it comes to Unrivaled Inteleon—Ice Tera Typing and Snowscape.

While Snipe Shot and the other offensive moves Inteleon has access to can hit hard, they are simply moves that deal damage with little else to actually offer unless you get unlucky and flinch or freeze. But that Ice Tera Type plays into Snowscape’s ability to boost Ice-type Pokémon’s Defense naturally, giving Inteleon some additional bulk to pair with moves that can lower or negate your team’s stat changes. 

Because Inteleon is naturally fairly frail, bringing Pokémon that hit hard and ignore a majority of the Galar starter’s options is your best bet. Annihilape and Kingambit are great options because Defiant will boost their Attack stat if they have a stat lowered by Inteleon’s Playful Look and already hit like trucks without any additional stat increases. 

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You can also easily pack Sunny Day or Rain Dance on any Pokémon you would want to bring into the raid, including Annihilape and Kingambit. This will let you get rid of Snowscape, ridding Inteleon of the passive Defense boost and opening it up to take more damage. It also helps that setting up the sun lowers Blizzard’s accuracy and boosts Fire-type attacks.

Additionally, any moves that lower Inteleon’s Defense a lot, such as Screech, are great ideas since a lot of the most popular counters for this raid seem to be physical attackers.

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