The Pokémon Company reveals Players Cup IV details and dates

Three games and a $45,000 prize pool.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Just a few hours after confirming details for the Players Cup IV Qualifier, The Pokémon Company has put out information on the Players Cup IV. 

The event will once again feature Pokémon VGC, Pokémon TCG, and Pokkén Tournament with a shared prize pool of $45,000 across the three titles. 

For Players Cup IV, VGC players will qualify through the Players Cup IV Qualifier that was announced earlier today and will run from April 8 to 11. The top 256 players in North America, Europe, and Latin America and the top 128 in Oceania will qualify for the main event. 

As TPC laid out, players from Japan won’t be participating in Players Cup IV. Instead, they’ll qualify for the 2021 Pokémon Japan Championships.

TCG players will work to qualify for Players Cup IV by ranking in specially-marked tournaments hosted within the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online from April 26 to May 26. Meanwhile, Pokkén Tournament players will simply need to register to compete. 

For Pokkén, registration will cap at 128 players from North America, 128 from Europe, and 64 in Oceania. 

Regional Qualifiers are set to run on June 19 and July 3, with the Global Finals locked in for July 17 for all three games. Here’s how the prize pool will break down for players who make it into the top 16 for TCG and VGC and the top eight in Pokkén.

  • TCG and VGC
    • First: $5,000
    • Second: $3,500
    • Third: $2,500
    • Fourth:$2,000
    • T-Fifth: $,1,250
    • T-Seventh: $750
    • T-Ninth: $500
    • T-13th: $250
  • Pokkén
    • First: $1,250
    • Second: $1,000
    • Third: $750
    • Fourth: $600
    • T-Fifth: $450
    • T-Seventh: $250

All Players Cup IV events will be streamed on, Twitch, and YouTube. TPC has previously hosted competitions offline, recorded all of the matches, and then broadcast them later to make sure the production is high quality and no massive errors occur with the online matches. 

You can read more about each event, how to register, and all of the requirements on the official Pokémon website.