The Pokémon Company reveals more ‘Battle Legion’ cards, including first Hisui Pokémon

Kleavor and Wyrdeer and more will be joining Pokémon OCG for the very first time.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has today revealed new cards that will join Pokémon OCG as part of Battle Legion later this month. For the very first time, these will include Pokémon exclusive to the Hisui region.

Fans got their first taste of this ancient region that would become Sinnoh in the newly released Nintendo Switch title Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

New Character Super Rares today include Kleavor alongside its warden Lian and Wyrdeer with its Warden Mai.

With these were other new Character Rare and Character Super Rare cards, including Garchomp, Starmie, and Chandelure

Among today’s new cards, a new reverse holographic style was also shown off that boasts a Poké ball pattern. There were also ten normal cards with highlights including Kleavor, Wyrdeer, and Commander Kamado.

Pokémon OCG Battle Legion is set to launch on Feb. 25 in Japan. Many of these cards will wind up joining a future Pokémon TCG set for release in the west. Battle Legion will also welcome Sparkling Pokémon into the game. These Pokémon have species abilities and powerful moves, however, you’ll only be allowed to have a single one in your deck.

You can check out all of the cards revealed today on the official Pokémon website here and read more about Battle Legion here.