Spooky Pokémon Scarlet and Violet glitch makes a shopping bag come to life

Is that a new regional variant?

Ogerpon looking sad in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Screenshot via Dot Esports

You would think we had seen just about every old bug or glitch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by now, but apparently not, as a new one makes a shopping bag come to life.

From bugs in the DLC that bought back Dynamax Pokémon, to game-breaking glitches that can completely halt you from finishing the main story, and glitches that can have your trainer fight the Pokémon themselves. It’s clear that Scarlet and Violet have been troubled by many hilarious glitches and bugs this past year, but we believe we have found an even stranger than all those before it.

Ladies and gentlemen—let me introduce you to Ghost Shopping Bag.

One random player over on Reddit who appears to have been minding their own business randomly came across this elusive wild “Pokémon” that they could not interact with at all. At this point, we are convinced this wasn’t a bug at all but the next regional variant Pokémon coming to The Indigo Disk DLC on Dec. 14…right?

Either way, the glitch sure is strange. I imagine what has likely happened is an asset for the bag has been switched with a Pokémon and then sent on a magical journey throughout Paldea that the trainer just happened to come across.

It’s a shame then that the trainer wasn’t able to fight or capture the bag. I’m curious exactly what Pokémon it was mimicking or, better yet, if the glitch would have stayed around and the trainer would have had a brand new shopping bag Pokémon to fight alongside.

Makes you wonder what bizarre glitch or bug will turn up next.


Adam Newell
If it has anything to do with Nintendo and Pokémon chances are you will see me talking about it, covering, and likely not sleeping while playing it.

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