Season of Go, Pokémon TCG event, and more announced for Pokémon Go in June

Leaving Alola, but the adventure continues.

Image via Niantic

The Season of Alola is set to end on June 1, which means it is time for Niantic to get players moving into the next season of content in Pokémon Go

Starting on June 1, and running until Sept. 1, the Season of Go will bring players new events, encounters with familiar Legendary Pokémon, and additional bonuses that players might recognize from previous changes to the game. 

Starting with the events, players will be able to experience Pokémon Go Fest 2022 on June 4 and 5, with ticketed players gaining access to exclusive Special Research that will result in an encounter with Shaymin for the first time. Ultra Beasts will also be making their Pokémon Go debut on the second day through five-star raids. 

Other events featured in the update include Adventure Week from June 7 to 12 and the Pokémon TCG Crossover event. The latter will tie into the upcoming release of the Pokémon Go TCG special set, which features cards themed around mechanics, items, and Pokémon found in Pokémon Go

Another big update for the Season of Go is earlier access to Candy XL for players level 31 or above and some additional bonuses: 

  • Increased friendship bonus damage for raids
  • Increased damage for Pokémon participating in raids remotely
  • One hour Lure Module duration
  • One extra Special Trade per day
  • One extra Pokémon Candy when trading Pokémon
  • Guaranteed Candy XL when trading Pokémon
  • Guaranteed Gifts from PokéStop spins

Players will also see the Hemisphere-exclusive Pokémon swap again between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

As always, the five-star and Mega Raid rotation is changing for a new season of content. Here is what you can expect to see from each, including the featured Raid Hour every Wednesday from 6 to 7pm local time. 

  • June raid rotation
    • June 1 to 7: Mega Steelix, Kyogre
    • June 7 to 16: Mega Aerodactyl, Groudon
    • June 16 to 23: Mega Venusaur, Mewtwo (Charged Attack Shadow Ball)
    • June 23 to July 1: Mega Blastoise, Mewtwo (Charged Attack Psystrike)
  • Raid Hours
    • June 1: Kyogre
    • June 8: Groudon
    • June 15: Groudon
    • June 22: Mewtwo (Charged Attack Shadow Ball)
    • June 29: Mewtwo (Charged Attack Psystrike)

And don’t forget the new Spotlight Hours, too. Each Tuesday from 6 to 7pm local time, players can encounter a selection of Pokémon and earn bonuses during that period. This time, three of the events will feature well-known Pokémon, while the final one includes a special Pokémon TCG hat Pikachu. 

  • June 7: Nosepass and double Candy for catching Pokémon
  • June 14: Mantine and double Candy for transferring Pokémon
  • June 21: Spinarak and double XP for evolving Pokémon
  • June 28: Pikachu wearing a Pokémon TCG hat and double Catch Stardust