Scalpers storm Van Gogh Museum to vacuum up exclusive Pokémon merch to resell

A sorry sight.

A full view of the Pokemon x Van Gogh gallery.
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Pokémon and Van Gogh Museum collaboration started early this morning in Amsterdam and is already causing chaos as fans and, sadly, scalpers, look to purchase hoards of the exclusive merch on offer.

Over the course of the day, various social media posts have been showing wild scenes at the Meseum’s official store. It’s selling exclusive merch from art prints to playmats and other items that won’t be available anywhere else. In these clips, you can clearly see certain members of the public grabbing multiple copies of the same item, likely to resell online at ludicrous amounts to those unable to visit Amsterdam.

Most of the items on offer are exclusive to the Van Gogh Museum, but some are expected to be made available later today on the online Pokémon Center stores in the US, Canada, and UK. This sale is expected to go live sometime around 12am CT for those unable to get to the museum, but not every item currently being sold at the museum will be on offer. Buying any of these items will also get you the official Van Gogh Pikachu promo card while stocks last.

Granted, if the Van Gogh Museum is anything to go by, those looking to buy certain items online later could be met with scalpers on a larger scale outside of those currently getting their hands dirty in Amsterdam. Fans are already taking to eBay to try and sell the card for up to $500, though that is likely to drop massively once more cards enter circulation.

Honestly, seeing these waves of people storm, bash, and push each other out of the way for what was meant to be a children’s exhibit to make a few quick bucks is just disgusting to me. I myself am going to Amsterdam next week to see the exhibit and hope things have calmed down by then.

Arceus, I hope.


Adam Newell
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