Scalpers are attempting to sell Pokémon Oreo products for thousands of dollars

You'll find them much cheaper in store.

Screengrab via OREO

Pokémon fans are unlike any other when it comes to secondary sales on collectibles and it would seem that even with something degradable like food, there is no difference.

Earlier this month, The Pokémon Company and the cookie company Oreo partnered up to release a line of limited-edition Pokémon 25th Anniversary Oreo products. Since hitting stores, these products have begun being listed on the secondary market with some sellers looking for thousands of dollars apiece.

Screengrab via eBay

While the most expensive listings may be satire, the volume of them could indicate that they are genuine. There are 16 different Pokémon that can be found on Oreo cookies within the packs, and Mew would seem to be the chase as all the expensive listings are for this legendary Pokémon.

Plenty of sellers are asking for around $1,000 for this cookie, but if you’re serious about purchasing it, you can find it going for as little as 0.99c. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like any of these extremely overly priced items have sold as of yet.

These Pokémon Oreo products are still available in store. If you aren’t able to purchase them in your region, you can go to eBay and find packs listed at reasonable prices.

If you are looking to collect these cookies or just get ahold of the limited edition packs, make sure you do so while supplies last.