Pokémon UNITE set for a maintenance period between Sept. 1 and 2

The game will be temporarily unavailable.

Image via TiMi Studio

Pokémon UNITE will be down today from 4:30pm CT until tomorrow at 2am CT due to the addition of Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon Mew as a new playable character, a new battle pass, the new Ranked and Standard Battles map Theia Sky Ruins, and balance changes. UNITE will not be playable during this period of adjustments on Sept. 1 and 2.

Mew, who will join UNITE‘s Aeos Island as an Attacker, will be the first Pokémon to be introduced to the MOBA in September, with the additions of Scizor and Dodrio to follow at a later date. These new Pokémon are coming to UNITE due to the celebration of the game’s first birthday.

Mew will arrive in the game and be a part of the new UNITE battle pass, which will contain a special Holowear for the Mythical Pokémon. There will also be a Holowear for Azumarill, one of the All-Rounders in UNITE.

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Starting tomorrow, UNITE players will no longer play Ranked and Standard Battles on Remoat Stadium, the map that has been available since the game launched in July 2021. Instead, it will be replaced by Theia Sky Ruins, which can change the way the MOBA is played due to its new design, the extra wild Pokémon that spawn in the Central Area, the top and bottom paths, and most notably the last objective, which will be Rayquaza instead of Zapdos.

Pokémon such as Buzzwole, Glaecon, and Espeon are expected to be buffed, while Pokémon such as Tsareena, Dragonite, and Machamp will be handed a nerf in the new patch that will be introduced during the maintenance period, according to information available on UNITE’s Public Test Server.

From tomorrow at 2am CT onwards, trainers will start experiencing all the changes in UNITE.