Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike Build and Battle Kits face global shipping delay

There will be a week delay.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon TCG retailers today received word from The Pokémon Company that the pre-release Build & Battle Kit’s for the upcoming November set Fusion Strike has been delayed by a week.

First reported by PokeBeach, these products were initially supposed to arrive at stores between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7, however, due to “global shipping constraints affecting product availability” they won’t be received until between Nov. 6 and 14.

This delay shouldn’t cause too many issues given it’s only a week, but it will affect retailers globally. Given the COVID pandemic still looming there aren’t any official pre-release events being held to distribute these products, but stores have been given the option to run unofficial tournaments while adhering to their region-specific guidelines.

More news that was revealed about these Build & Battle boxes today showcased the promo cards that will come with them and while they were previously detailed thanks to a post on the Pokémon website, we now know what they look like.

Image via PokeBeach

These cards include Pyukumuku, Latias, and Oricorio all with the Fusion Strike stamp, as well as Deoxys boasting this stamp and all three battle styles.

Pokémon TCG players and collectors who want to get their hands on this new set will need to wait for it to hit stores on Nov. 12.