Here’s everything that’s been revealed during today’s 24-hour Pokémon Sword and Shield Glimwood Tangle Forest stream

What was shown off during the 24-hour event?

Image via The Pokémon Company

A massive 24-hour Pokémon Sword and Shield livestream is underway and fans are ready to examine the stream in hopes of finding any new information about the upcoming games.

The stream puts trainers inside Glimwood Tangle Forest, a new area in Sword and Shield, for 24 hours through a live camera that constantly reveals new information at random intervals as time goes on.

Obviously, not everyone can afford to watch the stream for 24 hours straight. Here’s everything that was shown off during the 24-hour stream, as well as any new information we learn about Pokémon Sword and Shield from it.
  • 00:05: Pikachu is the first Pokémon to make an appearance.
  • 00:11: Morelull appears, confirmed to be in the games.
  • 00:15: A mysterious Pokémon appears in the background.
What could this cryptid Pokémon be?
  • 00:39: Phantump can be heard, but not seen. It’s confirmed to be in the games.
  • 00:50: Swirlix makes an appearance, floating in the air.
  • 01:04: Galloping can be heard in the distance.
  • 01:50: Phantump physically appears after being only heard an hour before.
  • 02:02: Swirlux can be heard crying in the background, similar to Phantump beforehand.
Hey, it’s that ‘mon!
  • 02:28: We officially get our first site of Impidimp after being in the demo for the game. Looks like we found his home!
  • 02:46: A ghost horse gallops by the screen, signaling another new Pokémon teased for a brief few seconds.
  • 03:30: Rustles continue in the leaves and trees but nothing major has happened for a while now.
  • 03:40: Cottonee appears! Definitely, worth the wait… we already knew it was in the game.
  • 04:35: A weird flash of light appears on the left-hand side of the screen, followed by Galloping sounds.
  • 05:20: After an hour of nothing we finally see something… a Pikachu. Joy.
  • 05:40: More Morelull. Seriously, we have seen these too many times now.
  • 06:00: A Ponyta cry could be heard in the background, further pushing the idea the mystery Pokémon is a Galarian Ponyta.
  • 06:40: One of the Mushrooms lit up when a bush rustled for a brief moment. We are obviously going insane.
  • 06:50: Our first Pokemon appearance in ages is Shiinotic, the evolution of Morelull.
  • 07:28: As expected… more Morelull. It feels like that is all we are going to see.
  • 07:51: More Gallop sounds can be heard and they seem to be drawing closer. Still no sign of the creature galloping, however.
  • 08:00: NEW POKÉMON!!! Until Impidimp covers it just as it was being revealed. It seems Goat-like.
  • 08:40: Impidimp keeps us on our toes, but the joke is starting to wear thin as it runs through the background.
  • 08:58: Even more Morelull…
  • 09:10: We get a better look at what is more than likely Galarian Ponyta. You can even zoom in and see some of its head.
  • 10:00: Impidimp ran from the back of the screen, ruffling some leaves and towards the screen.
  • 10:24: The same unknown cry played again, echoing in the distance.
  • 10:33: Another flash of light to the right, but no new noises or changes outside of that.
  • 10:37: The new horse, which is almost assuredly Galarian Ponyta runs directly in front of the camera.
  • 11:31: A Pikachu silently ran across the screen.
  • 12:00: The mushroom in the upper left portion of the screen began glowing and shaking.
  • 13:09: A repeat animation of Morelull from earlier plays.
  • 13:17: A repeat Phantump animation plays, signaling that there will likely be less original content after the 12-hour mark passed.
  • 13:54: Swirlix flies around again, but it was another repeating animation.
  • 14:29: Galarian Ponyta is essentially confirmed as it shows itself extremely close to the camera and its cry is very clearly heard.
  • 15:10: A shadow appears on the screen, outlining the supposed Galarian Ponyta.
  • 15:51: Impidimp appears and obscures the stream, but once he moves the blurry form of the horse assumed to be Galarian Ponyta gallops across the background.
  • 16:42: The closest thing to a full reveal of Galarian Ponyta was shown on screen.
  • 17:13: Galarian Ponyta is shown in full walking into the middle of the screen.
  • 18:24: Another glow of Galarian Ponyta appears. Seems like most of the older animations are on loops now.
  • 19:30: Masuda-san has started to retweet several images referencing Galarian Ponyta on Twitter, once again confirming the Pokémon’s existence.
  • 19:43: Another looped animation of Galarian Ponyta appears. We imagine this will continue now throughout the day to give those that were sleeping a chance to see it for themselves.
  • 20:51: We heard what we believe is a Rapidash cry on stream but it was hard to tell as both Ponyta and Raipdash cries are similar. Galarian Rapidash on the way!?
  • 21:40: Another weird yellow light appears. Galarian Ponyta has a white light, so what is the yellow light? Morelull? Another Pokémon?
  • 22:04: Interesting. A handful of Morelull appear from the woods seeming to run away from something at a quick pace. What could it be?
  • 22:51: Nearly had a heart attack when a yellow flash appeared on the screen. Was just a Pikachu.
  • 23:05: Into the last hour and it’s been crazy already with weird sounds left to right and center. Big final reveal incoming?
  • 23:30: A rustling sound but no big pay off. 30 minutes remaining.
  • 23:39: Now Pokémon!?… no. It is just Impidimp again, toying with us.
Officially scared us with this silent jumpscare.
  • 23:44: Pikachu officially gave us a heart attack but jump scaring the screen.
  • 23:57: Turns out there were two Galarian Ponyta in the forest that were causing us this grief.
  • 24:00 Stream ends. Final yellow light flash in bottom left corner. Nothing else new.

This article will be updated as more things appear on the steam.