New goat Pokémon briefly appears in Sword and Shield 24-hour stream

Who's that Pokémon?

Image via The Pokémon Company

After eight hours of little action during today’s 24-hour stream, Pokémon Sword and Shield fans finally saw what appears to be a new Pokémon for a few seconds.

At exactly the eight-hour mark, an Impidimp began to walk extremely close to the camera. Then, a never-before-seen Pokémon began to walk behind it.

As the mysterious creature started to become more visible, fans were instead greeted by Impidimp taking over the whole screen, denying any chances of seeing the Pokémon’s body or overall look. It does appear to be a small goat-like Pokémon, though.

The tail that you see near the end of the clip also resembles the tail that was shown off briefly at the start of the stream.

This is one of two new Pokémon to be teased in the long livestream, with the other potentially being a Galarian Ponyta. This, however, might be a Pokémon related to Wooloo at first glance. Maybe it’s an evolution?

For now, fans will need to wait and see what this Pokémon turns out to be. To keep track of everything else being shown off on stream, you can check out our coverage here, which is constantly being updated.