Pokémon Go Valentine’s event global challenge revealed

Players will need to work together sending 70,000,000 gifts to receive themselves a reward during the event.

Screengrab via Niantic

Pokémon Go is set to celebrate Valentine’s Day starting tomorrow, and players will have a chance to score themselves some loot by completing the Global Valentine’s Challenge.

During the event, if players are able to collectively send 70 million gifts to other players around the globe, they’ll receive three transfer candy.

The upcoming event kicks off on Feb. 10 and will continue through to Monday, Feb. 14. There aren’t only rewards up for grabs, but you can also head out and catch the new Pokémon debutants Flabebe, Floette, and Florges.

These unique new species joining the game can be found in a variety of different colors giving fans plenty to seek out during the event. During the event, lure modules will last twice as long and you’ll receive twice the catch candy.

Also, Heart Trim Furfou can be acquired during the event. Simply change the form of your natural Furfou.

Pokémon Go has a ton of content for players to explore over the weekend so don’t miss out. You can start getting in on the Valentine’s Day action on Thursday, Feb. 10.