Pokémon Go players are furious once again over upcoming Elite Raid restrictions and date

The schedule isn't convenient at all for Western players.

Screengrab via Niantic

Many Pokémon Go fans are eager to catch Regieleki, a Legendary Pokémon from the latest titles in the license, Scarlet and Violet. It might be more challenging than anticipated, based on a recent confirmation on the game’s Japanese social media.

Regieleki will join Pokémon Go next Sunday, April 9. It will be available in Elite Raids for one day only, and players who don’t get it in that time will lose the opportunity to catch it until its next special appearance.

Similar to Regidrago’s joining in Elite Raids last month, players will have to fight in those Raids in person to try and get the Legendary Pokémon. There will be three successive Raids during the day, at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm, local time. At those times, the Pokémon will hatch in many Raids and will be up for a fight.

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This schedule isn’t convenient for many Western players since it’s set on the same day as Easter Sunday when many fans won’t be available to fight in those special Raids. They will be unable to use Remote Raid Passes too because they cannot be used on Elite Raids.

Western players expressed concerns over such restrictive conditions to have a chance of obtaining this Legendary Pokémon, similar to Regidrago’s event last month. In a recent Reddit thread, the community’s response turned out overwhelmingly negative.

“All them people in church that are gyms will surely team up, right?” joked a user, referring to Easter’s traditional celebrations. “Sorry Niantic, spending time with family is more important for me than raiding,” wrote another.

Elite Raids are a new kind of content that’s supposed to push the real-world emphasis for Pokémon Go players. Since Remote Raid Passes cannot be used to clear them, players are pushed to gather up to three times in a day for special Raids which feature an exclusive Legendary Pokémon. The Regieleki event will be the second one of its kind following Regidrago’s from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

This approach is in line with other changes Niantic plans to implement soon in the AR mobile game. The developer’s been under fire since it revealed adding more restrictions on the use of Remote Raid Passes, which allow players to clear them without being physically around their radius.

They were introduced as a way to allow fans to play the game despite lockdown restrictions and are one of the best ways to earn resources and complete content in the game. On April 6, however, their price will increase in the game’s shop and they will feature a limit of five daily uses. In any case, they won’t help players who’re willing to get Regieleki when it releases in the game.

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