Pokémon Go players are disappointed by A Paldean Adventure research for one key reason

The rewards are controversial.

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Pokémon Go players have been complaining about the A Paldean Adventure Special Research, launched with the first species from the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet region.

It celebrates the introduction of the first Pokémon from the region, giving encounters of those species as rewards, in addition to other tasks and gifts. Many players eagerly waited for the Research, but now that it’s released, they’ve expressed growing disappointment over its lackluster rewards.

The Special Research includes five pages of challenging tasks to complete, such as exploring 80 km or catching 100 different species of Pokémon, but the rewards aren’t worth the effort according to players.

“I don’t have a problem with any of the tasks themselves, especially since [they are] untimed. My issue is with the rewards. The rewards for completion are terrible,” wrote the top-voted comment in a Reddit thread from Sept. 24.

In the thread, players expressed their opinions on the Special Research, mainly complaining about how little they were rewarded for completing long and tedious tasks. “Are you kidding me?” wrote the thread’s title.

The author shared a screenshot showing the fifth phase of A Paldean Adventure and commented that they only got a Pawmi encounter for completing the fourth stage of the Research. The fifth one includes even harder tasks and will give a Lucky Egg as a reward.

As the rewards aren’t considered worth the effort, many players in the comments said they were ignoring the Research entirely. Fortunately, the tasks aren’t too specific, so players will likely complete them over time while playing the game naturally without really even trying to. In addition, since it’s a Special Research, it doesn’t feature a time limit.

Research tasks are part of Pokémon Go players’ main activities, and they give all sorts of valuable rewards. While the A Paldean Adventure features a lot of tedious tasks, others are often hated by players, such as the task of scanning Pokéstops.


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