Pokémon Center exclusive Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Boxes suffer shipping delay, expected early September

Buyers will have a little longer to wait.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG’s upcoming set Evolving Skies will launch on Aug. 27, but those who purchased Pokémon Center exclusive Elite Trainer Boxes will have to wait just a little longer due to shipping delays.

Those who pre-ordered these exclusive trainer boxes will receive them in early September, slightly later than the launch of the set, according to a report by Pokémon forum PokeBeach,

This is the second set in a row that the Pokémon Center has had issues with their exclusive Elite Trainer Boxes. At the time of the release of Chilling Reign, manufacturing errors saw the ETB contain the incorrect amount of booster packs, with the standard eight instead of the Pokémon Center exclusive amount of 10.

Following this issue, the retailer made up for the error by sending out buyers some exclusive goodies alongside the two booster packs.

Given that the issue at play here is simply shipping delays due to COVID rather than a manufacturing error, buyers shouldn’t expect any free loot to make up for it. With things progressively returning to normal around the globe, hopefully, there are no similar shipping issues to the Celebrations or Fusion Strike sets to come later in the year.

Pokémon TCG collectors will still be able to purchase standard Elite Trainer Boxes in-store when they launch around the globe on Aug. 27.