The Pokémon Center reportedly sending gifts to buyers of exclusive Chilling Reign ETBs after manufacturing error

Despite the delay, you'll still get your moneys worth.

Image via The Pokémon Company

After a manufacturing error for the upgraded Pokémon Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Boxes, The Pokémon Center shared in an email with purchasers that they are sending buyers some extra goodies with their order.

Chilling Reign included an upgraded Elite Trainer Box that was set to boast 10 booster packs, two more than the standard eight. In manufacturing, the boxes only wound up with the regular eight, however.

To make it up to buyers of these boxes, The Pokémon Center will be not only sending them two loose booster packs and a $10 refund, but they’ll also receive three cards from the set Galarian Articuo V, Galarian Zapdos V, and Galarian Moltres V.

If you ordered your Chilling Reign ETB from the Pokémon Center and it hasn’t yet been canceled, you’ll be receiving these goodies along with the refund in the weeks following shipment.

For this set, The Pokémon Center offered multiple ETB options, with the more expensive choice boasting 10 booster packs, a metal damage counter, and coin all for an extra $10. It isn’t clear if the units that suffered from the manufacturing error still contain these metal additions, but we will find out soon when the product launches globally tomorrow, June 18.

The Pokémon Center will stick with the addition of releasing upgraded ETB’s when the next English TCG set Evolving Skies launches in August. These upgraded boxes will also have 10 booster packs, but seemingly have different goodies since they come with a hazard warning for sharp points.

If you plan on getting this limited edition ETB’s, do pre-order early since it is likely stock will be snatched up fast.