Nintendo to close Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sound library after 4 months of operation

Those who downloaded the sound files before the shut down date can still use it for their projects.

Image via the Pokémon Company

After almost four months since its launch, the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sound library will be shutting down tomorrow, May 31.

The library’s official website says Nintendo will be shutting down the service tomorrow at 4am CT. Those who access the website may not be able to stream or download the sound data after its close.

The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sound library allows content creators and video editors to use the different music and sound effects that came from the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. But after 4am CT tomorrow, those sound files cannot be downloaded anymore. Those who downloaded sound files already can use them “within the scope of the terms of use and guidelines.”

Nintendo did not provide any reason why the company decided on the move. The site lasted for almost four months, and the company thanked everyone who used and accessed the website since launch.

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