Niantic reveals Spotlight Hours and new Bonus Hours for Pokémon Go in March

March is full of sweet rewards for players.

Image via Niantic

March is going to be one of Pokémon Go‘s most rewarding months ever with the return of the weekly Spotlight Hours and new Bonus Hours that allow players to stock up on some much-needed items.

Niantic announced the monthly lineup of Tuesday night Spotlight Hours, including some uncommon Pokémon and helpful bonuses.

Spotlight Hours allow players to encounter a single variety of Pokémon at higher rates from 6pm to 7pm local time every Tuesday night, as well as access to a predetermined bonus during the allotted time.

The weekly featured Pokémon and bonuses are as follows:

  • March 2: Krabby and double evolution experience
  • March 9: Drowzee and double evolution experience
  • March 16: Voltorb and double catch experience
  • March 23: Surskit and double catch Candy
  • March 30: Slugma and double catch Candy

Niantic also announced the first test of the Bonus Hours initiative, where players will be able to encounter parts of the game that may help them with quests or benefit their Mega Evolutions, such as increased Team Go Rocket spawns and Mega Raids. These Bonus Hours will be held for the first three Thursdays in March from 6pm to 7pm local time.

  • March 4: Go Rocket Hour—increased Team Go Rocket balloon spawns
  • March 11: Mega Bonus Hour: Candy—receive more Candy for catching Pokémon that share a type with your active Mega Evolution
  • March 18: Mega Raid Hour—more likely to encounter Mega Raids

Players can look forward to these bonuses throughout the month of March, which Niantic has also revealed to be full of legendary surprises