Pokémon Sword and Shield news coming Sept. 18, likely revealing Sirfetch’d

It's about time.

Pokémon Sword and Shield
Image via The Pokémon Company

New information about the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games will be released tomorrow (Sept. 18), but don’t expect any kind of Direct.

It seems like The Pokémon Company plans to reveal the glitched Pokémon that was teased a few days ago. Many fans speculate that Sirfetch’d, a regional evolution for Farfetch’d or a Galar version of the same Pokémon, will be revealed.

Of course, anything is possible. But with The Pokémon Company focusing its efforts on the mysterious glitched Pokémon on its website, it’d make sense if the team is hinting at unveiling Sirfetch’d.

If the Pokémon is revealed, it’d be one of many things leaked in June that have since come true. The only creatures from the leak that haven’t been officially revealed yet are Eternatus, the third legendary dog Pokémon of the region, as well as Skwovet and Greedunt, two new chipmunk monkeys.

The evolutions for the starter Pokémon and many other details also haven’t been properly shown off yet. So tomorrow could be a big day for Pokémon fans to see if any of the leaked information comes true.