New Pokémon Snap update comes with quality-of-life improvements

Along with more Pokémon, some minor additions are also coming.

New Pokemon Snap update
Image via Nintendo

New Pokémon Snap’s next update will add numerous quality-of-life improvements, taking away some menu navigation frustration from the original release. 

As reported by Serebii, the update will come bundled with three notable improvements. First, when you go to retry a level following completion, you’ll be able to select the Research Level before jumping back in. That means you’ll no longer need to exit and return to the world map. 

Other additions include the ability to go directly to camp without having your photos assessed by Professor Mirror, while any successfully completed LenTalk Mission will now be flagged before you get it assessed. When you’re in the photo editing suite, you’ll also be able to save images onto your Nintendo Switch console directly from this menu. 

While these are minor fixes, they’re certainly welcome, even if they perhaps should have been included back when New Pokémon Snap launched in April. 

New Pokémon Snap’s latest update is entirely free and adds three new areas to explore, with each having day and night cycles for a total of six expeditions. 

Within these areas, there will be 20 new Pokémon added to New Pokémon Snap, including Snorlax, Psyduck, Gyrados, Shroomish, and more. 

New Pokémon Snap’s update will be released in the U.S. on Aug. 3 (8pm CT) and in the U.K. on Aug. 4 (2am BST).