New leaks reportedly show off first skins for Pokémon Unite, other new details

It looks like there's inspiration being pulled from all over the place.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Among a handful of new Pokémon games that have been announced, the series’ first MOBA title, Pokémon Unite, hasn’t had a lot of information shared since it was initially revealed last June. 

But new leaks have started spreading online, allegedly showing some of the first skins that will be offered to players of the game when it does eventually launch. Other details, like a few new playable Pokémon, were also leaked.

The leaks come from Centro Pokémon, a website known for reliably spreading early information regarding Pokémon games. In the images, you can see seven different Pokémon wearing unique costumes based on simple themes, though one does have significant ties to the Pokémon anime. 

Lucario can be seen in an outfit featuring a cape and a pointed hat. This skin is a reference to the Aura Guardians, a group of humans that could sense Aura, control its power, and would often work with Pokémon like Lucario to protect others—and perhaps specifically Sir Aaron from the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

You can also see a pirate-themed Cinderace, a Super Sentai suited Greninja, a Mr. Mime wearing what looks like a ringmaster outfit, a dapper Talonflame, and a Garchomp that looks ready to hit the beach in a Hawaiian shirt and snorkel combo. A separate leaked image also shows a Machamp wearing swim trunks and a lei. 

These leaks are reportedly from a second beta test that’s being run in China and has given a few glimpses at some new playable Pokémon too. Both Crustle and Cramorant, along with Cinderace, are reportedly going to appear in the game.

All of these costumes and other details haven’t been confirmed yet by The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, Tencent, or the game’s developer, TiMi Studios.