Most Valuable Pokémon Oreos

It might sound odd, but people are making serious money off these cookies.

Screengrab via OREO

Pokémon collecting has always garnered plenty of interest and some hefty prices to match–though it’s now extended beyond cards.

This trend has continued with the recent collaboration between The Pokémon Company and cookie producer Oreo. The collaboration brought 16 unique cookies with Pokémon showcased on the top. By virtue of being foodstuff, these can get old and bad, they’ve seemingly been pulling in large sums of money from collectors.

Right now, you can still purchase these in select stores and try your luck at finding rare and valuable Oreos. If you plan on selling them you may be wondering which cookies are worth the most.

Most Valuable Pokémon Oreos

Image via The Pokémon Company

If you’ve been online since Pokémon Oreos hit stores, you’ll likely know that the legendary Pokémon Mew is the cookie garnering the most value. Right now sales of the cookie on eBay have gone anywhere between $1 and $1,000 with other listings asking for much more.

Outside of Mew, the value does decrease significantly. But there are a few cookies still worth listing online. Charmander and Pikachu are both selling for roughly the same price right now, which can be between $1 and $150. This is significantly less than Mew, but still quite a good profit on cookies that can be found far cheaper in store, if a buyer can be found.

These are the most valuable individual cookies. If you can complete a set of all 16 unique designs, or simply the three original Kanto starters with Pikachu and Mew, sellers have still been turning quite the profit.

If you happen to see these Oreos in-store, then you should most definitely pick them up. Once production has ceased, their value will likely increase until they hit their inevitable expiry date.