Eagle-eyed fans notice one Galarian Ponyta doesn’t have a tail

But what does it mean?

Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s hefty 24-hour livestream just ended, bringing with it a whole lot of nothing for most parts.

Most of the good stuff didn’t happen until the end, when we were finally greeted by a new Pokémon, Galarian Ponyta. But it appears like The Pokémon Company has hidden something even in that grand reveal.

Fans who have been up for ungodly hours noticed that one of the two Galarian Ponyta near the end is quite different from the one that was being teased throughout the show. It has no tail and, by looks of it, doesn’t have a rainbow mane.

So, what could this mean? Well, it’s likely that the small teaser just showed off the gender differences for both Pokémon with one being male and one being female. This would make the difference between the genders simply a tail.

Truthfully, it’s nothing to worry about at this time, since most fans are too fixed on what they heard once the stream went out. You can hear a Pokémon that we assume is Galarian Ponyta passing by before a different cry is heard, signalling that we JUST missed out on seeing a Galarian Rapidash for the first time. Ouch.

We still don’t know anything about this new creature such as its type, however, according to a note left on the stream after it ended by Sonia, we can expect to see a summary quite soon.