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The player using Tarot Cards and the ghost appearing in front of them in Phasmophobia.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

All Phasmophobia Tarot Card meanings

A high-risk, high-reward game of luck.

Tarot Cards are one of the Cursed Possessions you can use to make navigations both easier and harder in Phasmophobia. They’re a very powerful tool, but they come with some deadly consequences, so you need to know what each Tarot Card means to prepare for the worst.

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Luck plays a huge role in how using Tarot Cards goes for you. In some contracts, you might only pull useful cards, while others might start you off with an immediate cursed hunt. Regardless of what you pull, it’s essential to know all the Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia and what each one means.

Tarot Cards meanings in Phasmophobia

Using Tarot Cards, Night Vision Goggles, and other tech in the Technophilia Phasmophobia challenge.
Using Tarot Cards usually has effects you can see instantly. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Each Tarot Card has five different factors you need to know about to understand their meaning. These factors are:

  • Card – The card itself displays an image somewhat relating to what it does.
  • Name – The name of the card also plays into what effect the card has.
  • Effect – Each card has its own special effect or a couple of different effects.
  • Color – The color the card burns can indicate what effect was triggered or can be simply cosmetic for the card itself.
  • Chance – The percentage-based odds of actually pulling the card.
The Wheel of Fortune card in Phasmophobia. The Wheel of FortuneDepending on the burn color, this card either restores 25 percent sanity or removes 25 percent sanity. Green – replenishes sanity
Red – takes away sanity
20 percent
The Tower card in Phasmophobia. The TowerCauses an interaction to occur and boosts all ghost activity for 20 seconds. Blue20 percent
The Devil card in Phasmophobia. The DevilTriggers a ghost event for the player closest to the ghost.Pink10 percent
The Fool card in Phasmophobia.The FoolRandomly chooses another card and then turns it into The Fool. There is no actual effect for this card.

If you pull any Tarot Card during a hunt, they will always turn into The Fool and have no effect. Because of this, you should avoid using them in hunts since you’ll be wasting your cards.
Light purple17 percent
100 percent (during hunts)
The Hermit card in Phasmophobia. The HermitForces the ghost to teleport back to the ghost room and keeps it trapped there for one minute. Cyan10 percent
The Death card in Phasmophobia. DeathImmediately initiates a cursed hunt.Purple10 percent
The Moon card in Phasmophobia. The MoonDrops your sanity to zero percent.WhiteFive percent
The Sun card in Phasmophobia. The SunRestores your sanity to 100 percent.YellowFive percent
The Hanged Man card in Phasmophobia.The Hanged ManInstantly kills you.NoneOne percent
The High Priestess card in Phasmophobia. The High PriestessRevives one randomly chosen deceased player. If all players are alive, the next one who perishes will be brought back to life.Light yellowTwo percent

Every Tarot Card deck you pick up has 10 randomly chosen cards. When you use this Cursed Possession, you’ll generally see the same card multiple times, which means it’s quite common to not see all of the possible cards you can pull even though there are 10 different cards you can pull too.

Most decks have multiple copies of the more common ones like The Tower and The Wheel of Fortune. Cards like The High Priestess and The Hanged Man are incredibly rare and not pulled very often. Using Tarot Cards is somewhat similar to using the Voodoo Doll as both are very random, unpredictable, and based on luck.

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