Is Overwatch 2 free to play?

Overwatch 2’s price tag is now known.

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Overwatch is slowly approaching the start of a new era when Overwatch 2 releases on Oct. 4. With graphical updates and fundamental changes on the horizon, fans are looking forward to re-exploring an iconic series with Overwatch 2.

In addition to abilities getting tweaked, the core gameplay of Overwatch will change since the game is transitioning to a five-vs-five setup. Though the gameplay experience looks like it’ll be a lot different in Overwatch 2, another factor to consider will be the new title’s price tag.

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How much does Overwatch 2 cost?

The base game for Overwatch 2 will be free-to-play when it launches on Oct. 4. Players who previously played the first Overwatch game will have access to all the old heroes, and the new ones in Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko via the Founder’s Pack. Previous players will also have access to all their skins and cosmetics and items after they all carry over.

New players should be able to access all the old heroes plus Junker Queen and Sojourn if they log in and play during season one. They can also earn access to Kiriko through the free track of the season one pass or by purchasing the premium season one pass.

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Both new and returning players have the option of buying the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack before the game launches, giving them access to skins, in-game coins, and the season one battle pass.

How does the battle pass system work in Overwatch 2?

The battle pass system will replace the loot box system that’s been a staple of Overwatch since the original game’s release. There will be a path of rewards to be earned during a season by completing various challenges, but only players who purchase the battle pass will have access to all the rewards, including the premium ones. Each battle pass season will last approximately nine weeks, according to the developers.

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The premium battle pass for each season will cost 1,000 Overwatch coins, which is roughly $10. Players also have the option of buying the premium pass with the first 20 tiers fully unlocked for 2,200 coins. As mentioned above, Watchpoint Pack owners will immediately have the premium pass for season one instantly unlocked. The Pack also comes with 2,000 Overwatch coins, which players have the option to save for the season two and three passes when they release on Dec. 6 and sometime in 2023, respectively.


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