Who is the next tank coming to Overwatch 2?

This new Overwatch 2 tank rules over Junkertown.

The Junker Queen stands in front of the Junker Town sign.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 finally has a beta release date and the game is coming to fans on Oct. 4. With the release, players will get their hands on three new heroes, one of which is a tank.

The next tank hero coming to Overwatch 2 is Odessa “Dez” Stone, also known as Junker Queen. Not much is known about her abilities yet besides what was revealed in a recent livestream that included a ton of information on the beta release, including two new videos of Junker Queen.

The first video was in a hand-drawn style of art and featured an original song about Junker Queen. That video serves as her origin story. The second video, which is an animated short called “The Wastelander,” gave players more lore behind Junker Queen.

What are Junker Queen’s abilities?

Her exact kit hasn’t been revealed yet, but the developers did give some hints as to how Junker Queen will play in Overwatch 2 during the livestream. Junker Queen’s primary weapon is a shotgun, but she also has an ax that she can use in close quarters.

Her ultimate ability, which is called Rampage, allows her to charge forward into her enemies while swinging her ax. If she hits an enemy with it, she will deal damage and grant a healing debuff to everyone she hits.

Jagged Blade, which is her secondary fire that brings out her dagger, also functions as her melee hit. The developers said it does slightly more damage than other heroes’ melee attacks, and she can even throw it. If she hits an enemy with it, she can recall it to bring them closer to her. Commanding Shout is another ability in her kit that gives her a short speed and damage boost.

When does Junker Queen release?

Those wishing to get their hands on the new tank won’t have to wait long because Junker Queen will be playable in the next Overwatch 2 beta period, which begins on June 28. Players can sign up for the beta on the Overwatch website, but access to the beta is not guaranteed.

To guarantee beta access, fans can buy the Watchpoint Pack, which includes immediate access to the current build of Overwatch leading up to the Overwatch 2 launch. It also grants guaranteed access to the beta when it drops.

The pack even includes the first battle pass for Overwatch 2, two Legendary hero skins, 2,000 Overwatch 2 currency, and an early purchase Overwatch 2 player icon. The pack is $39.99 and can be bought on the battle.net shop and from the Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch shops.