Who is Illari’s voice actor in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard went to South America to find this voice.

Illari charging her railgun with solar power
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Overwatch 2’s newest support hero Illari channels the power of the sun, and the young Peruvian is equipped with a bright voice to match.

As the youngest hero on the Overwatch 2 roster and one of two South Americans, her voice stands out. But unlike many other heroes’ voice actors, you likely don’t know and won’t recognize the person responsible for bringing Illari to life.

New to the game in season six, Illari is the 38th hero in Overwatch. She had no known ties to the cast when she was revealed, but her voice allows her to shine.

Illari’s voice actor in Overwatch 2, explained

Illari is voiced by Peruvian pop fusion musical artist Andre Cisneros. Born in Lima, Peru, Cisneros goes by the artist name ANDRE, and she has been doing vocal training since her teenage years, according to Spotify.

Cisneros is a classically trained soprano, having studied in Barcelona. She has four singles on Spotify and her most recent song, “No Valentin,” came out in July.

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She does not have an IMBD page, so it’s unclear if there is any other previous voiceover work that she has been credited for. Blizzard’s decision to go with a Peruvian to voice Illari is consistent with the Overwatch developer’s attempts to maintain authenticity by pairing heroes with actors who match their nationality.

Recently, the team had 19-year-old Thai actor Phuwin Tangsakyuen voice Lifeweaver, who joined the Overwatch roster in April. But Tangsakyuen had a little bit more of a résumé when it came to movies and voiceover work.


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