What is Talantis in Overwatch 2?

A bit of collaboration leads to more water and jump pads.

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Overwatch 2’s new seasonal model allows the developers to focus on specific features for the game that will be released every few months, whether that be a new hero, a rework for an existing hero, a new map, or something else entirely.

As for season four of the game, which is expected to begin on April 11, Blizzard is releasing a new hero known as Lifeweaver, as well as giving players a taste of a new map that, while it’s still in development, is one that many players may already be familiar with.

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From April 25 to May 1, a new underwater map known as Talantis will be added as a limited-time game mode for players to indulge in within the Arcade tab. The waters of the future have remained unexplored territory within the world of Overwatch 2 since the release of the original game, making this the first time players can find what’s lurking underneath.

Here is all the information we currently have on Overwatch 2’s newest map, Talantis.

Talantis in Overwatch 2, explained

Talantis, much like its name implies, is an underwater control map that takes place in the fabled ancient civilization of Atlantis. Notably, the map itself was created on a livestream where the developers worked alongside thousands of fans to add interesting features to the map, many of which allow it to stand out from other maps.

According to the initial lore of the map, Talantis acts as a secret Talon base—hence the focus on Talon in the location’s name. However, Blizzard has explicitly stated that this map is not canon to the Overwatch universe whatsoever, and acts simply as a way to commemorate the teamwork between fans and the development team.

Upon leaving spawn, players will travel toward the control point using the paths around buildings that game director Aaron Keller notes will be Atalntean-themed. But giant pillars of water block the view of the other side of the map and the point itself, requiring players to either use jump pads or a nearby elevator to splash through the water onto the point for battle. While players may not be able to see through this water, they can certainly shoot through it and surprise enemies with a lucky shot.

The control point itself is a standard square-shaped location with some areas of cover and flanking potential. Keller noted in the original livestream that there was an idea for holes on the point to open up intermittently and act as extra obstacles for players to avoid, which do seem to be included in the brief look of the map in the season overview trailer.

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Players can get their hands on what they actively contributed to making when Talantis joins the game for a limited time in the Arcade from April 25 to May 1.

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