Good Smile Company is creating a D.Va Figma action figure inspired by “Shooting Star”

Preorders open Aug. 29.

At the South Korean Overwatch fan event held in Seoul, South Korea on Aug. 22, D.Va had the full spotlight—an animated short and new Busan map focused on Hana Song.

But that’s not all she’s getting. Blizzard hinted at a new skin at the end of the Shooting Star short, but she’s likely getting her own action figure, too. Nothing is confirmed regarding the action figure, but a photo posted online suggests it’s going to be up for pre-order soon.

Photo via Good Smile Company

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The statue shows D.Va with her headset around her neck, donning a white baseball cap. She’s also got her bunny blaster in one hand and a soda in the other. The white hat and the soda can are both nods to the new animated short.

The Figma action figure will be up for pre-order on Aug. 29 (Aug. 30 in Korea), a Good Smile Company representative confirmed to Dot Esports.

Good Smile Company has created four Overwatch action figures so far: Reaper, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Genji. These figures run from $70 to $80 and typically come with a number of accessories, like weapons and interchangeable face plates. Action figures are super articulated, allowing for a ton of different poses.

Reaper was the latest Figma action figure to be revealed. Like the figures before him, he’s got interchangeable weapons and nine different hands. We don’t know how many hands D.Va will get, but we’ll update you when we do.