D.Va is the “shooting star” of Overwatch’s latest animated short

Blizzard debuted the short in South Korea.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans were ready to riot in the streets. They’ve demanded an animated short starring beloved South Korean Overwatch hero D.Va since the game’s release and, finally, the developer has delivered.

Blizzard revealed its latest animated short during a presentation in South Korea after teasing the premiere on Twitter earlier in the week. The animated short, called Shooting Star, explores D.Va’s life as a South Korean national hero. Overwatch developers Jeff Kaplan and Ben Dai were on hand to debut the short.

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Shooting Star is an emotional look at D.Va in her shop as she prepares to take on South Korea’s enemies. And it’s good timing: Just as she finishes up her tests, an omnic enemy flies in to attack the city. It’s the birth of D.Va’s Self-Destruct ability, where she sacrifices herself and her MEKA unit to save South Korea. Despite being a bit busted up—including a broken leg and an arm in a sling—she immediately gets to work on a new mech.

Following the Shooting Star debut, Dai spoke about the creation of the animated short. She’s important to the real-life Overwatch community, but a real hero in-game, too. Dai said the goal of the Shooting Star was to show a different, more vulnerable side of D.Va.

Blizzard also debuted a new map during the South Korean fan event, which also has a D.Va spin. The new control map, Busan, takes players to three distinct parts of the South Korean city: a Sanctuary, D.Va’s base, and downtown Busan. The map is now live on Overwatch’s test server.