Overwatch is getting a new control map set in Busan, South Korea—and it’s live on the PTR now

The map brings us to D.Va's MEKA base.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch introduced a new Lúcioball map set in Busan, South Korea during the Summer Games event, but the city is finally getting a full map release in the game.

Following a performance from k-pop group Fromis9, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan introduced the Busan map. The new Busan map is live on the PTR now—talk about a quick turnaround time.

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Kaplan spoke about the map at length, discussing how the Overwatch team took influence from Korean culture to create the map. It features three areas, including a sanctuary, D.Va’s MEKA base, and a downtown area. Beyond just taking inspiration from the city of Busan, however, Kaplan said the team recorded “authentic sounds” from Busan to bring the map to life.

The control map leaked on-stream during a pre-show performance ahead of the show’s official start. A note on a teleprompter revealed to fans watching the Twitch stream that Blizzard was about to reveal a Busan control map.

During the South Korean fan event, scheduled right during Blizzard’s Overwatch presentation at gamescom, the developer also debuted a new animated short, Shooting Star, featuring D.Va. Shooting Star focused on a more vulnerable side of D.Va, one that shows the “real” hero, not the international superstar. The beloved former pro-gamer is tasked, once again, with saving South Korea—and she does, even if it means risking her own life. Shooting Star is the first new animated short to debut since Honor and Glory at BlizzCon 2017 in November.