Upcoming Widowmaker skin in Overwatch 2 makes her look like a popular DC villain

No one can hide from her sight, puddin'.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The hype for Overwatch 2’s season four has hit critical levels, especially after its new trailer was released yesterday.

While players are busy thirsting for the new hero Lifeweaver, upcoming seasonal events, and a golf-themed skin for Soldier: 76, another new skin has now entered the spotlight for OW2 fans to geek out over.

The Harlequin skin for Widowmaker, revealed by OverwatchNaeri on Twitter, is likely an upcoming store item, but it’s one that fans of the DPS hero and the Batman clown supervillain alike will be rushing to spend their Overwatch Coins on whenever it hits the store.

In the upcoming skin, Widowmaker looks eerily similar to Harley Quinn in her original outfit, made famous in the animated Batman series from the 90s, right down to the checkered pattern on the skin’s legs.

This is not your modern-day Harley Quinn with the short shorts and pigtails. No, this is reminiscent of the original model of the psychiatrist-turned-henchwoman for the Joker in her black and red outfit, fully equipped with the silly jester hat. It’s the best Harley Quinn design, and fans in the Twitter replies are loving it.

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The skin’s look sparks some speculation about potential crossovers in the future. Now that OW2 has had an official crossover with One-Punch Man, the possibilities are endless with what other IP the game could welcome into its universe.

An official crossover with DC Comics in Overwatch could be incredible. Imagine a Superman Soldier: 76 skin, a Batman Reaper skin, a Green Arrow Hanzo skin, or even something like a Mr. Freeze Mei skin.

Let’s go, Blizzard and DC. Get together and get it done.

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