An Overwatch player rigged a trampoline to play Pharah

This is one way to get fit.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The battle to create the most ridiculous Overwatch gaming setup rages on.

In April, Twitch streamer Rudeism rigged up Doritos and Mountain Dew to play D.Va. To one-up him, streamer ATwerkingYoshi whipped out a tiny trampoline to control Pharah. ATwerkingYoshi detailed the setup’s design in an Imgur post.

“Here’s my next dumb idea: Use a trampoline to play the jet pack-using hero, Pharah,” ATwerkingYoshi wrote. “When I jump the jet pack activates in-game. I also used a dog ball launched (oddly named the bazooka) to fire Pharah’s rocket launcher.”

It’s one of the more challenging builds ATwerkingYoshi has created, he says, but it works.

Up and down movement controls are mapped to the rocket launcher, as is the “shoot” button. Left and right movement, as well as Pharah’s rocket jump and hover abilities, are mapped to the trampoline. It’s similar to how ATwerkingYoshi has used DDR dance pads to play games in the past, but adds an extra layer of intensity in that he has to bounce.

“The main part is the jump-pad in the middle in which I had to jump onto the spot to activate the ability,” he wrote. “To use her ‘hover’ ability, I had to bounce on the spacebar button. Like I said earlier, jumping for a couple hours straight made me feel so out of shape.”

ATwerkingYoshi is close to filling out the Overwatch roster, he wrote on Reddit. He’s now working on a more polished prototype, as well a Doomfist boxing glove—despite the hero not actually being in the game.