This Mercy staff replica spins just like its in-game counterpart

All it needs now are some healing laser beams.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The doctor is in—but she can’t actually do any healing.

Prop maker Engineer_Corwin put together a working Caduceus Staff that moves just as it does in-game, and that’s no easy feat. It looks simple, but a bunch of parts are moving in different directions and at different speeds.

Created using Obsidian Props‘ files to 3D print the pieces, Engineer_Corwin also used parts salvaged from a broken inkjet printer. A motor and a complex-looking gear system power the impressive cosplay prop. In total, the staff took six to seven months to complete.

Instructions are downloadable on Instructables, if you’re up for the challenge. It doesn’t look easy—in fact, it actually looks really hard—but Engineer_Corwin is pretty thorough in guiding the process along. Moderate to high skill level in regard to 3D printing is suggested, but Engineer_Corwin said even those with “low” electrical knowledge could put it together.