The best healers in Overwatch

Here are all the support heroes in Overwatch ranked.

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Overwatch has seven support heroes divided into main and flex supports. As the name implies, main healers have kits suitable for putting out large amounts of healing and are dedicated to that task. Flex supports also have healing abilities but usually rely on more mechanically challenging tasks and crowd-control abilities to assist their teams.

There are no useless or bad healers in Overwatch. Every healer in this game has seen significant success in the Overwatch League, so realistically you can make any support work if the situation is right for them. But there are healers with more potential and more powerful abilities than others, whether it be because they can put out incredible healing or because they offer essential utility to the team.

Here’s a power ranking of all the healers in Overwatch.

S Tier


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Ana is a main healer capable of incredible things. She’s built around the concept of long-range healing. Her sniper rifle heals her teammates and damages her enemies. While it’s never explained how Ana’s weapon can tell the difference between friend and foe, it’s a fun gameplay mechanic. 

In addition to being able to heal friendlies from across the map, Ana also carries other powerful utility. The Biotic Grenade boosts healing on friendlies and heal blocks opponents, which continues the motif established by Ana’s primary rifle, helping her team and hurting the enemy. A well-timed grenade on an enemy can spell their certain doom, or you can use it to heal a friendly tank through a barrage of damage.

Ana also carries a Sleep Dart, one of the most powerful stun weapons in the game. When landed on an enemy, the sleep dart puts them to sleep for 5.5 seconds. It can interrupt ultimate abilities, shut down dangerous heroes, or even set up a strong gank kill. 

As if her kit wasn’t already powerful enough, Ana’s ultimate is excellent. Her Nano Boost ability boosts an ally, giving them 250 HP instantly and increasing their damage by 50 percent while decreasing the damage taken by 50 percent. This boost lasts a full eight seconds, and can easily change the course of a teamfight. Ana is difficult to play, but those who master her can unlock nearly unlimited potential in her powerful kit.


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Lúcio is one of the most powerful support heroes in the game. Although he isn’t capable of the single-target healing like a main support, he brings his own set of skills and assistance to the team. He has the ability to heal or speed boost nearby teammates. He can use his Amp It Up ability to buff his healing or speed by 60 percent for a few moments. He is also able to ride walls, boop enemies back or off cliffs, and his primary weapon does a surprising amount of damage. 

Mastering Lúcio isn’t just about learning to shoot his weapon and how to cycle his healing and speed—though those things are important. Becoming good at this hero requires that you see the map in a whole new way. When playing Brazil’s favorite folk hero, you’re able to take new routes you have never thought of, and you can take advantage of his Soundwave to push enemies out of position or even to their deaths off a cliff. 

His ultimate ability is also very powerful. Sound Barrier gives all teammates within range 750-point shields for seven seconds. This basically gives your allies seven seconds of immunity to turn a fight around or survive a high-damage ultimate. Proper use of this ultimate is game-changing.

The continuous energy and assistance a good Lúcio offers to his team is invaluable. He’s the best flex support in the game with potential limited only by the player’s own skills.

A tier


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Zenyatta is a rather squishy flex support hero capable of dealing enormous long-range damage once mastered. Zen’s healing ability is his Harmony orb, which can be applied to a single target and heals that ally over time until they are either out of range or you place it on another target. He also has a Discord orb which he can apply to an enemy target, which increases the amount of damage they take while the orb is active. Both orbs can be active at the same time.

His primary attack fire is a projectile called the Orb of Destruction. He deals 48 damage per hit and can charge up volley shots with the potential damage of 240 if all shots hit. Although these projectiles can be tricky to master since they travel rather slowly, once you get the hang of it you can deal some serious damage—especially if you can learn how to hit headshots with them.

Zenyatta’s ultimate ability is called Transcendence. It heals allies within its effective area for 300 health per second for six seconds and increases his movement speed while making him invincible. This is a game-changing ultimate that can negate enemy attacks and keep your team alive even when under enormous pressure.

The biggest problem with Zenyatta is that he is very immobile, leaving him quite vulnerable to enemy flankers. He has an easy-to-hit headbox and his only escape ability is his ultimate, so if he isn’t properly supported by his team, he can be taken out very quickly. As a result, when you do play this hero, remember to use the cover around the map, and always keep and eye on your flanks.


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Baptiste is one of the best healers in the game. His rifle’s Biotic Launcher’s primary fire is a three-burst rifle, while his secondary fire is an arcing healing grenade which restore 60 ally health with each shot. Although this is not a reliable heal, if allies are close together they can potentially be healed by the same grenade. He also has an AOE healing ability which provides most of his ultimate charge called the Regenerative Burst, which heals allies within a certain area for 75 health and heals himself for 150 health.

Baptiste also has a powerful movement ability called Exo Boosts, which lets him jump nine meters in the air when fully charged, with no cool down between uses. This can be used to take high ground or escape from danger if necessary. 

His most powerful ability is the immortality field, which allows him to throw a device out with 150 health, preventing any ally within its parameters from dying. This ability is on a long 25-second cooldown, but when used correctly it’s one of the best abilities in the entire game. It has many uses, from surviving an enemy ultimate to keeping your tanks on the point alive when they are under pressure.

Baptiste’s ultimate ability is Amplification Field, which amplifies the damage or healing of any projectiles that pass through it. It’s an okay ultimate, and it was recently buffed to make the field significantly wider. But it’s still an ultimate that ends up being underwhelming in terms of combat effectiveness. It’s relatively easy to avoid for enemy teams and teammates often have to be correctly positioned for it to be useful, making it situational.

Baptiste’s kit has some powerful healing abilities and his immortality field can feel overpowered at times. The only thing holding him back is his ultimate ability, which is not as useful as the other main support ultimates.


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Brigitte has a complicated legacy in Overwatch. She is a flex support who has been bouncing between the tiers over the past few years as the developers desperately try to balance her against the rest of the heroes. 

At the time of writing this article, she is recently down from S tier back into A tier after the developers once again nerfed her by taking away 50 armor from her health pool. Brigitte was the enabling tank for the dreaded GOATs composition that dominated the meta throughout the 2019 season. She has since been nerfed repeatedly but never seems to stay down too long.

Brigitte’s primary fire is her Rocket Flail, a melee weapon which damages enemies and activates her Inspire AOE heal, which heals allies for 15 health per second up to 90 healing per activation. On top of this healing, she also has the Repair Pack ability, which has three charges that regenerate over time and offer 110 healing over two seconds each. She formerly could overheal allies for 50 extra armor, but that was taken out of her kit to keep her from dominating the meta, while high-level and low-level players alike pull their hair out.

She has a shield with 200 health, which recharges when not in use. When up, that shield can be used to bash opponents every seven seconds, stunning them and interrupting any ability they were using. This shield bash is one of the most reliable stuns in the game and is a very powerful tool in Brigitte’s arsenal. It can also be combined with her Whip Shot ability which boops people away from her, Brig can pull off some impressive crowd control and reliably boop people off the map.

Her Ultimate is called Rally, and it increases her movement speed while giving herself and teammates around her +30 armor per second, maxing out at 100 temporary armor. This ability essentially makes her unkillable and lasts 10 seconds.

B tier


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Moira is a vampiric main support who is perhaps the easiest healer to play in the game. Her Biotic Grasp is powerful, with the primary fire healing allies for 70 health per second and the secondary fire locking onto enemies and draining their health to charge her biotic healing energy. Although her kit is a little basic, it can be very powerful, especially against teams who aren’t running a barrier tank like Reinhardt or Orisa, since you always have available targets to drain health from.

In addition to her primary weapon, she also has access to the Biotic Orb which can be thrown to either heal allies or damage enemies. The right use of this is almost always to heal allies, and it adds a significant 300 potential healing with every orb and charges her ultimate the fastest. Her final ability is called Fade, and it allows her to disappear and move at an increased speed while invulnerable from damage for a moment. This movement ability is a powerful escape and probably her best ability.

Moira has one of the fastest charge ultimates in the came in Coalescence. This ultimate ability casts a long-range beam which deals 70 damage per second to enemies while restoring 140 health per second for her teammates and healing herself for 50 health per second. It is a great ultimate, especially considering how often she can acquire it if you play well and use the healing orb like you are supposed to.

There was a time when Moira was one of the best healers in the game, but she was reworked in the second half of 2020, and she is B tier in the current meta. Her biotic grasp is harder to keep locked on now, making it more challenging to charge your biotic energy, and she heals significantly less than she used to. She is still a workable healer but has fallen from the top echelon in 2020.

Tier C


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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Mercy was once the most powerful healer in the game. Like Brig, she was meta-defining. When this game first released, Mercy was no question the best healer, but in 2018 she saw a rework which significantly altered her power and changed her kit. Although there are still situations where Mercy is preferable, she is now one of the least versatile healers, and her pick rates have plummeted in recent years.

Mercy is a single-target healer who uses her Caduceus Staff to heal an ally within 15 meters for 55 healing per second. She can also use the staff to damage boost her target using its secondary fire. Her only way of dealing damage, outside of melee, is her Caduceus Blaster. This weapon deals 20 damage per shot and can shoot five shots a second, but Mercy players should only use her pistol in rare situations.

Her resurrection ability can be powerful in the right circumstances. This ability takes just under two seconds to cast, and it will resurrect a fallen comrade. This ability should only be used when it’s is free though, since it is not worth dying to resurrect a teammate. In many ways, this ability feels like the hollow remains of Mercy’s original ultimate, which had the potential to instantly resurrect five teammates. 

The biggest place Mercy still shines is in her movement. She can use her Guardian Angel ability to fly toward an ally every 1.5 seconds. She can then combo that with her Angelic Descent ability, which slows the speed of her descent and propels her past her original target. You can also pull off a tech with her movement ability called a super jump, where you fly to a target close to you. If you use your jump button at the right moment, Mercy will launch vertically into the air. This ability is fun to use and essential to playing as Mercy at a high level.

Her ultimate ability is called Valkyrie. It is a self-buff that increases her movement speed to nine meters per second and lets her fly around the map with a pistol that doesn’t need to be reloaded. Her ultimate also enables her staff to chain heal or damage boost her entire team if they are close enough together. It’s not a game-changing ultimate, but it is definitely helpful to the team and can be used in highly aggressive ways. 

There are no bad healers in Overwatch; everyone has their place in the meta. But Mercy is currently at the bottom of the rankings due to years of repeated nerfs and the introduction of more and more heroes that counter her like Ashe, Baptiste, and Ana. She is probably the most neglected healer in the gamecurrently, and it looks like might stay that way for a while.