How to play Moira: Overwatch strategy, tips, and tricks

My will made real.

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Moira O’Deorain is a brilliant scientist who spent a bulk of her career in Overwatch’s Blackwatch division. Intelligence is normally thought of as a gift, but Moira proved time and time again that she was willing to go to any length to make a breakthrough in her field.

It’s because of this that Moira found herself a part of the shadowy Talon organization in the years after Overwatch’s demise. Now that she doesn’t have to listen to the confines of morality, she’s entered the battlefield as Overwatch’s 26th hero.

Let’s take a look at how to master Moira and turn the tide in your team’s favor.

“One hand gives, the other takes away”

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Moira is a support hero and a healer, but her entire kit is based on duality.

For Moira, healing and damage-dealing go, literally, hand-in-hand. She heals out of her left hand and deals damage out of her right hand. She needs to deal damage to continue to heal. Dealing damage also has a lifesteal ability, so she can heal herself.

Her abilities all work together in concert and learning to handle her give-and-take is what makes the difference in mastering her.

Her primary fire is a cone-shaped spray of yellow biotic healing that will heal targets in front of her in a 15-meter range. Healing will over-penetrate, so she can heal multiple allies at once, at a clip of about 70 healing per second.

When healing, Moira has a visual indicator as to how much of the ability she has left. When the ability is fully drained, she can no longer heal. It will slowly regenerate over time, but the best way to “reload” her healing is to deal damage.

Moira’s alternate fire deals damage in a target-locked beam at a maximum range of about 21 meters. It works like Symmetra’s beam, but you have to maintain your aim on the target for it to work. Doing so will deal 50 damage per second and also self-heal Moira for 20 health per second, all while replenishing her healing beam.

For Moira to heal, she must do damage eventually. Her healing ability will run out quickly, so dealing damage in between healing allies is an absolute necessity. Her alternate fire has no cooldown, so there’s no penalty for dealing damage whenever you can.

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”

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Arguably Moira’s most important ability, though, is Biotic Orb. When this ability is used, Moira will hold up both of her hands and you can choose between a healing orb and an orb that deals damage. Both are strong.

Throwing a damage orb near an enemy will slow them down and allow it to sap their health at a rate of 50 damage per second or until 200 total damage has been done. The healing orb works the same way, but it heals at 65 per second or until 300 maximum health has been restored to its targets.

Tossing a damage orb into a group of enemies is a solid way of adding chip damage to a teamfight, restoring your own health and replenishing your healing ability. It has a number of uses, including working well in a one-on-one encounter, when thrown at an enemy and combined with her alternate fire.

The healing orb works similarly. It will help keep teammates topped off as they fight, especially if you supplement it with her primary healing ability. The orb can also allow Moira to heal herself if she throws it at her feet or at a nearby wall if she’s less than full health.

The orb works spectacularly in small spaces, like if a team is attempting to push through a side flank together. Throwing an orb in the room will deal quick damage to a number of targets. The same can be said for healing your teammates if they’re grouped up.

Moira’s final ability, Fade, is a quick teleport that gives her a 150-percent movement speed buff and allows her to disappear for a short time so she’s invulnerable to damage. This ability has a short six-second cooldown and is helpful in getting Moira out of sticky situations—or just to move quickly.

“Surrender to my will”

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Moira’s yltimate is Coalescence, a high-powered beam of energy that both heals and deals damage simultaneously. It deals 70 damage per second but heals 140 per second, as well as 50 health per second in self-healing. The ability lasts for eight seconds.

This ultimate charges quickly, so don’t be afraid to use it or try to save it up for a magical last-second push. Since it heals way more than it damages, Coalescence is helpful in teamfights on an objective because it will do two jobs.

The damage isn’t terribly high, so Moira should focus on healing as opposed to trying to kill enemies. But if you can do both at the same time, go for it. Low-health enemies should be priorities, though, because if they’re being healed at all, it’ll be difficult for Moira to finish them off.

Coalescence is best used to support your team’s push or slow down an enemy push. It’s not a game-changing ultimate like Zenyatta’s Transcendence or Lúcio’s Sound Barrier, but it can definitely help turn the tide if used correctly.

The matchups

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Strong against

Reinhardt and Orisa

Biotic Orb will go through both of their shields, meaning that Moira will bypass their biggest strengths and be able to both heal and deal damage, regardless of whether she’s being blocked.


Fade will allow Moira to escape from Zarya’s Graviton Surge, get herself at a safe distance, and then combine her abilities to heal her teammates stuck within.

Weak against


Defense Matrix is an absolute nightmare for Moira since it will eat up her Biotic Orb and effectively take away one of the most important parts of her kit.


Ana’s Biotic Grenade will prevent Moira from healing teammates or herself.

Roadhog and Pharah

Both of these heroes can out-range Moira’s abilities (Roadhog’s hook and Pharah’s rockets), making them difficult for her to deal with in a number of situations.

Ranged attacks

Since Moira needs to be up close to deal the most damage, she can win duels against slow, low HP heroes. But anyone at a distance can pick her off with ease.

Life is all about give and take, and so is Moira. Give health to your teammates and take it from the enemy. Combine the two to master the devious scientist and become the healing and damage-dealing combo your team may need.