Tespa will host six figure collegiate Overwatch competition

There’s another six figure event for Overwatch—but this one is only open for college students

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There’s another six figure event for Overwatchbut this one is only open for college students.

Tespa, the collegiate esports organization founded in 2012 which has hosted numerous collegiate events in games like StarCraft and League of Legends, will host a collegiate series for Overwatch with $100,000 in scholarships on the line. The event will run in four separate regions leading into a live event final in January.

If Overwatch isn’t your game, Tespa is still running events for other Blizzard titles during its Fall competitive season. The Hearthstone Training Grounds has $50,000 in scholarships up for grabs. The Heroes of the Storm Training Grounds won’t award any scholarships, but winners will earn funds for their Blizzard account and gear.

If you’re looking to play or even just to help out, you can register on the Tespa website. Tespa is currently seeking coordinators who can liaison between the league and competitors at their school.

The three events will run on separate nights, giving Tespa a weekly broadcast schedule with games aired on four separate nights each week. Hearthstone will run on Monday and Tuesday followed by Overwatch on Wednesday and Thursday with Heroes taking the weekend days.