Seoul Dynasty’s Ryujehong claims that an American Airlines flight attendant threatened to kick him off his flight

“Do you want me to kick you out right now?”

Photo by Stewart Volland via Blizzard Entertainment

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Legendary Overwatch support player Ryu “ryujehong” Je-hong said that a flight attendant on his American Airlines flight allegedly threatened to kick him off the plane yesterday (Monday, Sept. 30).

Blizzard Entertainment’s Korean player relationship coordinator Lee “Hoonmaru” Ji-hun was with Ryujehong on the flight and also helped translate his side of the story.

The flight attendant allegedly approached both Hoonmaru and Ryujehong and was already acting very aggressive. The lady apparently asked them to move seats, but when they asked for a reason why, she said, “Because I said so.” Hoonmaru then asked if that was the only reason, to which the flight attendant allegedly said “do you want me to kick you out right now?”

As a result, Hoonmaru and Ryujehong were forced to give up their seats and move to a different location. Overwatch League host Danny Lim was also nearby when the incident happened and he said that the flight attendant even said that “all you little friends can sit together” after moving the two.

Additionally, Hoonmaru said that the woman didn’t have her name tag on at the time, which might make it hard for American Airlines to identify her. But a specialist has reached out to the parties involved and will be working with them to solve this issue.